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To open a graphic in Photoshop, you can do the following:

* Click the File menu and choose Open.
* Click the File menu and choose Photoshop.
* Click the File menu and choose New, open the Create a New Document dialog box, and then click OK.
* Double-click the new document icon in the Windows taskbar, or on the Mac’s Dock.

This edition of Photoshop provides you with the same types of tools that a professional would need:

* **Placement:** You can place objects on a canvas for editing.
* **Raster images:** You can redraw images using rasterized object types.
* **Paint bucket:** You can make changes to objects using raster images or the freehand selection tool (Select) on the tools or Layers panel.

You can also use the Quick Selection tool in the Tools panel to make selections for editing.

The most common editing tasks include:

* **Using tools to add text and objects:** You can type text into the layers, or select an object and add text or other objects to it.
* **Adding, arranging, and removing layers:** Layers can be added, arranged, moved, and then renamed or deleted.
* **Drawing with the Pen tool:** You can draw lines and shapes on layers, and move and resize them.
* **Using the Brush tool:** You can use the freehand selection tools to select areas to change and apply changes.
* **Creating selections and selections based on selections:** You can make selections and then make selections based on those selections.

The illustration shown in Figure 1-1 shows an example of how Photoshop works. If you have Photoshop open and you want to create a new document, do the following:

1. **Click the File menu and choose New**.

The Create a New Document dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 1-2.

2. **Click OK.**
3. **When the document window opens, you see only the existing toolbars and Layers panel.**

You see the option to choose a drawing or typing canvas and possibly a background for the new document.

4. **Click the word Drawing in the upper-right corner to open the New Drawing window, as shown in** **Figure** **1-1**.

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Here are some Photoshop elements screenshot samples of the latest version:

“A case of mistaken identity” image

The “identify a face” image

The “Tennis” image by @whatever-its-worth

“Skyfall” by @ldham

“1 Hour Before Sunset” by @Jiupish

“Apple Watch” by @johnhool

“LSD” (Le Sweet Love Don’t Let Me Down) image

“Object_001” image

“Ride the rocking horse” image

5 Cool Tools you won’t find in Photoshop Essentials;Q:

how to keep answer popup on same place

I have a textarea. I want that when user write anything in it, a popup answer appears on the same position. And if user click on the textarea, this popup disappear.
I had taken this example from stackoverflow.
But i am not able to do that for my textarea. Do not know why.
My Script is:
var message_div = $(“”, {“class”: “edit” } );
$(message_div).on(“click”,function() {
$(‘#jediting_input’).keyup(function(event) {
if (event.which == 13) {
var jediting_input =;
$(“#jediting_input”).attr(“value”, jediting_input);

And my HTML is:

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2 GB of available hard drive space
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