10 new levels about birds
Puzzle game “BIRDS” is going to be published for Android tablets and smartphones.
The subject of the game – a funny and simple puzzle game where the player is to place the birds on the field and return to the field to various difficulties.
The game will be released in two episodes and each episode about 10 new levels.
The game incorporates the fact that birds are curious, and this allows a huge variety of solutions.
Curiousness also means that the game will be “visual”. Birds are walking along the field (in a nice choreography).
“BIRDS” is a puzzle, the task is to go through each level and return to the field of the same difficulty and score.
Birds are placed around the field in random positions and are moved under the cursor (moving them is possible)
This game is the second part of “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS”.
If you buy the “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS” you receive a free copy of this game.
The game is sold in 2 parts.
Part 1 – “BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 9 BIRDS” – $1.99
Part 2 – “BIRDS” – free
In case you have any problems, please contact us through the google play store.
We are trying to make a great puzzle game for you.
We know how important it is to enjoy a game with your kids!
We wish you pleasant game experience!
Have a nice day!
Per Content Seller agreement with you:
“BIRDS” Puzzle Pack includes 10 levels.
Game works on Android devices (tablets, smartphones) with Android OS v5.0 and later versions.
Game may require additional accesses to the system and/or data networks.
“BIRDS” Puzzle Pack can be considered as a single game, but if some doubts arise in connection with how to interpret the Seller’s Content Availability Policy, please check the rules here.
Title: BIRDS – Puzzle Pack: 10 BIRDS (Free)
App Website:

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    • DirectX: 9.0
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    Run time

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    The game disc

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    Warning! Pack your game media in a clean disposable box.

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    Added the New Chaos Catcher!

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    KotH Update Details:

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    What’s New

    Version Update:

    Added the new personal shield! The more you manage your inventory, the better the shield is.

    Updated Minimap and Inventory at the bottom


    What’s new in Crowntakers – Undead Undertakings: