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Diamant Film Restoration Software Free Download

I’d like to find “Other”s in all the tables, even though the “”Group by” column” has been selected.


For anyone interested in the answer to this question, here’s the query I used to produce the output I desired. Thanks to @ckuade.
select distinct c.name, c.model, p.name as platform,
p.model, c.rating, p.rating,
(case when c.rating = p.rating then ‘NS’ else null end) as status,
(case when c.rating = p.rating then 1 else null end) as download,
(case when c.rating = p.rating then ” else null end) as previews
from dimmodel c
left join dimmodel p on
c.name = p.name and
(c.model!= p.model or
c.model = p.model and c.rating Q:

Add new property to existing class

I’m adding some properties to my class (C#) like this:
public string Name { get; set; }

public int Age { get; set; }

And I would like to add one more:
public string ParentName { get; set; }

Is there any way to make it possible?


No, the only property a class can have is a private field.
private int number;
public string Name {get;set;}
public int Age {get;set;}
public string ParentName {get;set;}

the model.

Proposal 2: Use Component ViewModels as the API-surface for your data-bound UI

“Component ViewModels” are an interesting design choice because they help minimize the amount of data you expose, and provide a nice user experience. If,


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This is a quick little picture gallery of some of the postcards and invite I have received this week in support of the #BeenBaking campaign by Jamie Oliver for a week. To see the full postcard gallery, click here

I wanted to throw this out there for fun for the week, as this alludes to my recently launched #BeenBaking Holiday Group on Facebook. That’s where I’ll be posting links to food blogs, recipes, travel tips & more. On Monday I’ll be blogging my holiday bake-off with my friend and fellow Baking Blogger Melissa @ Simply-That!

I am excited about this holiday, and can’t wait to start baking again.Q:

Can you disable auto-completion for brackets in pyCharm?

I was wondering if there’s a way to disable auto-completion for brackets in pyCharm? I have a big python project that makes extensive use of brackets and I’d like to prevent myself from selecting them if they aren’t being used.


I don’t think this is possible through the PyCharm UI. According to this question, it’s a limitation for PyCharm 5


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