Elden Ring Game is a fantasy action RPG that seamlessly combines the popular aspects of the trend of combat parties that people have enjoyed, with the adventurous sense of freedom that you have when playing RPGs. Featuring an untypical seamless online multiplayer experience, the game is the first real adventure that places you in the center of the story, where your power to influence others grows as you progress.
The only thing you must do to experience the world of Tarnished Prophecy:
■Collect and equip items
-Opening a shop and equipping items
■Empower an appointed character
-Empowering a character increases their number of special skills, and will be automatically activated when the character joins a party.
■Purchase a map
-A map can be purchased using the in-game currency. You can only enter dungeons on maps.
■Battle with other characters
-The characters you encounter on the map interact with you, and battle takes place.
■Fight other players
-You can fight other players in other regions and online simultaneously.
■Newly made characters
-Newly made characters have their own story, and their unique power depends on the situation.
■New dungeons
-Build your own dungeon.
■You can play a duet with a friend.
■You can share a dungeon with another player.
■You can fight a player that you lost to in a duel or in a dungeon.
■You can appoint a character in your own party.
■You can have a duel with a player that you have won against.
■You can invite a friend to your party.
■Depending on your character’s level, you can adjust the armor and weapons that you use.
■Your gear can be edited.

In the game, you will have the following information.

・Your play history and screenshots

・Your item usage information

・Your in-game store history

・Your character information

・You and your friends’ current dungeon information

・You and your friends’ list of duets and duet requests

・Your friends’ items, decorations, and the like

・Your achievement history

Feel free to use the keyboard and mouse.
When you wish to use an item, press the “I” button.
When you wish to move, press the “Z” button.
When you wish to


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Shrouded Destiny Story
  • Epic Adventure
  • Powerplay: Rise As a Lord of the Kingdom!
  • 3D Graphics, Fully Animated NPC (Talking Bodies!)
  • Vast Open Field/Overworld a – Complete with Field System and World Environment Generation!
  • Environments in the Lands Between
  • Realistic Agility/Falling Damage
  • Unique Online Play (Play Online with Random Players, etc.)
  • Summoning: Summon a Creature with your Touch and Beat It!
  • Airship Cross-Region Connections
  • Elden Ring will be available in four versions.
    – Collector’s Edition (PG)
    – Limited Edition (PLUS)
    – Standard Edition (PG+PLUS)
    – Digital copy (PG+PLUS)

    Collector’s Edition

    An unprecedented collector’s item featuring a reproduced original masterwork in a beautiful box made of high-grade satin!
    This is the one and only time that prints of a game will ever be made!
    Only the CD-Key coupon for the title will be included in the box.
    The Collector’s Edition will only be available in Japan.

    Limited Edition

    A completely new release featuring extremely limited supply: Only 1,000 copies available worldwide.
    In addition to the Collector’s Edition, 3 exclusive Epic Action Figure (Age: 18+) will be randomly inserted into the packaging
    The Limited Edition is regularly available in Akihabara. In addition, based on demand, you can obtain an exclusive T-shirt through official collaborations!

    Standard Edition

    A regular edition WITHOUT ADD-ONS. A box the size of a standard DVD case.
    The Standard Edition is available in Akihabara.

    Digital Edition

    A digital version of the games, playable via current operating systems. For other languages, please check


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    How to play Solo Duel:

    To start a Solo Duel, select “Solo Duel” from the Playlist and then the duels that you would like to play. Then press the

    “Skip” button. Use your “Magic Point” (MP) to fight in the Challenge and achieve victory.

    How to play Multiplayer with Friends:

    To play Multiplayer with Friends, press the “Start” button to start and join a Multiplayer game that you are able to join.

    To automatically join a Multiplayer game, press the “Start” button, then select “Semi-automatic Multiplayer” and press the “Start” button. You

    will then automatically join the game.

    When you join a Multiplayer game, you will be given the option of the role you wish to play.

    You can also play duels that you’ve finished in Solo Duel. You can also repeat fights with the same opponent (without being forced to fight).

    You can only choose a character that can use the “Duel Strategy” and “Unlock Orders” that you’ve selected when you bought the DLC item.

    The “Magic Point” that the player uses to play the game increases each time a player plays the game.

    When the player achieves the level of “Legend,” the “Skill Tree” that is unlocked by pressing the “Next” button also increases. The “Magic Point” that the player can earn at the end of the game also increases as each player levels up.

    * Skill Tree of the Selectable Combat-related Abilities

    “Duel Strategy”

    “Reach limit”

    “Gain limit”

    “Wild Skill”


    “Unlock Orders”

    The “Reach limit” of some abilities can be changed to 3, 2 or 1. The “Gain limit” of some abilities can be changed to 1, 2 or 3.

    If these changes are not made in the “Edit Skills” window, you will be unable to play the game.

    The “Duel Strategy” of “Strength” increases combat power and the “Duel Strategy” of “Alertness” increases the chance of inflicting

    an attack.

    If you only have one controller connected, the other party will gain HP while you are fighting.

    When the HP of a party member is 0, the following things will happen:


    What’s new:

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be released in the fall of 2017 for the Nintendo Switch console and the following downloadable platforms:
    Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. 
    For more information on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, please visit the website of Nintendo.