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FraternityX – The Stuffing [Gay].zip

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UITableView scroll/stop in Xamarin.iOS/iOS8

I am new to Xamarin.iOS/iOS8 and currently stuck with a problem.
My requirement is to scroll the tableView only when user taps on some row.
When user taps on any row then it should stop or at least not scroll.
I have tried some solutions for the same but not getting any success.
Please suggest me the best solution to achieve this.


I would suggest to use this

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Home. Welcome to shreya taneja sex stories. Top Rated Movies. shreya taneja sex stories. shreya taneja sex stories. Home. shreya taneja sex stories.// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.



#include “flutter/fml/port/linux/port.h”

namespace flutter {

class InputThreadPollerLinux : public fml::PortObject {
~InputThreadPollerLinux() override;

// Polls for events and processes events. Returns immediately if no events
// are available.
// Returns true if an event is available.
// Returns false if no events are available (and the end of event stream
// has been reached).
bool PollEvents();

// Return the index of the next event. Returns -1 if no more events are
// available.
// Returns -1 if no more events are available (and the end of event stream
// has been reached).
int NextEvent();

// End poll loop and get events.
// Returns false if no more events are available (and the end of event stream
// has been reached).
// Returns true if an event is available (