The program connects your camera to the computer via a serial or parallel port. On the computer the program is a simple console program. All the parameters of your camera and the settings of your camera are stored on the computer. This makes it easy to use the program with different cameras and also to upgrade the program. The software is for Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X and Unix systems.
SYNTHTRACK Description:
This program synchro-ticks the camera and the computer. It provides an automatic camera synchronization with the intervalometer and also offers a variety of possibilities of controlling the camera with the intervalometer.
The program is based on the standard DSLR-Timer package, but has a special class of its own.
KEYMACRO is free for non commercial use.
SYNTHTRACK requires PCM Studio, Version 3.3 or later and is not included in the package.
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CODE:…Hello, world
CODE: hello world

the one who knows about this addon could get an easy answer on how to update it.


As a commenter noted, there is a Zen Coding plugin, but it’s unmaintained and no longer works with Notepad++ since version 6.5.
Nowadays you should consider using an actual code editor instead of Notepad++, like

Notepad2: It’s an HTML/XML editor.
Sublime Text: It’s a “theoretical” alternative to Notepad++, but I have used it and find it very, very good.
Vim: It’s a complete text editor.
Atom: It’s a JavaScript editor that is based on Vim.

I’ve written about each of them in this post. They are all open-source and free, so if you prefer a paid program, you should be able to pay for one of them (or do it for free).


The closest thing you have is Editra, but it’s no longer maintained and not open-source.

Editra is a text editor with powerful features for web developers.

You can try it from a Chrome app store.
I’m going to be honest, I don’t know much about this plugin, and it’s been a while since I used it. But here’s a thread on Reddit that might help.

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