MIDICR is a simple command line tool designed to repair a corrupt midi file that was saved as a DOS text file by accident.
My earlier program midifix already can repair many invalid midi files. Recently I downloaded some midi files from a newsgroup. The files were corrupt. I could use midifix to make them midi compatible but the program warned that it would lose most of the content because of incompatibility.
A closer look to the content showed that the files contained carriage-return/linefeeds character sequences 0D 0A as known from DOS text files in cases where only 0D or 0A alone should appear. The extra bytes make the file fully corrupt and midifix to give up repairing.
This program tries to locate 0D 0A sequences and replace them by
0D or 0A to satisfy the file format rules. In many cases it is not guessable which byte is to use, in this case it uses 0A. Often this conversion of the bytes works, but their remain cases where the result will stay corrupt.
The program is currently not able to repair tracks that contain 0D 0A
sequences which few should be 0D 0A and others 0D or 0A.


Download ✪✪✪ https://geags.com/2mwu2t

Download ✪✪✪ https://geags.com/2mwu2t







MIDICR Full Crack is a simple command line tool for repairing midi files. It is a command-line tool based on the
Python programming language. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
MIDICR uses a couple of thousand lines of Python code and a smaller amount of assembler and platform dependent code.
The python code is easier to change, but the assembler code is faster, flexible and much smaller.
The command line syntax is:

MIDICR uses 4 command line switches which are documented below:

-f Force the midi file to be repaired

-s Set the output directory

-i Same as -s but the output file is a.img byte file

-u Set the name of the output file to .f001

-h Prints a help message and exits.

MIDICR requires a midi file as input. The input must either be a midi file
or an img byte file.

WARNING! if you are using GNU sed expect some magic. When you
see an error like “sed: -e expression #1, char 25: missing command”
then you have to check your current PATH_PROGRAM variable.
Otherwise the PATH_PROGRAM contains a path to a file that does not exist.

Syntax of the command line:
Use the command line argument -u to specify the filename of an output file.

In case of a midi file the midi-part is used as a file and the extention of the output
file is changed to.mid.

In case of an img file the image header is extracted. This header is saved in the output filename
if the -i switch is set. For example if the filename of the input file is l
and the -i switch is set the output file is l.img.

The output is a midi file. If the -u switch is set, the default filename is used

If the -u switch is set, the default filename is used, otherwise it is the file name of the
input midi file.

This command line works fine for me (I used Fedora Core 6; GNU sed Version 4.2.2.dfsg-1.1):

MIDICR Download [Latest 2022]

This program is a simple yet effective midi file repair tool.
It is a command-line tool using DOS batch file style.
Save files to disk as text format (.TXT)
Use MIDI file
Decompile from text to MIDI
TESTMODE to try everything!
Compile to executable
Type HELP to get help
As a batch file, you can type in the filename to the command and hit the enter key to do it.
So the program can also be used to convert files from one format to another.
The program will find and replace carriage return/linefeeds sequences that are not allowed by the MIDI file format.

For example, if the file you are trying to repair has the following line:

NOTE= 0,0,50,100

the program will replace it by:

NOTE= 0,0,50,100\r

which will be saved as:

NOTE= 0,0,50,100\r

When finished, it will save your new midi file to your disk.




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Comment by robin on 2012-03-23

ninjauk –

The solution is to run the MIDICR program before you use a MIDI editor.

Comment by robin on 2013-05-17

ninjauk –

Midifix will also do this.

But be aware that if you copy data to and from an edited midi file that is corrupted then the MIDICR repair will not work!

I posted a new version with a different method of doing this, that I have called, MIDIFIX++. I will be posting a new version of MIDICR that also uses this new method in the next few days.

Comment by robin on 2013-06-10

ninjauk –

The new version of MIDIFIX++ is posted here:

It uses an earlier version of the the mifix software in which the line selection was made using


This program is a real-time standalone which can be run from a DOS text file with no installation required.
The repair process takes place in real time.
The functionality is to be considered complete with respect to the number of different cases covered.
This program can not be classified as being a Virus as it doesn’t infect anything or compromise anything.
MIDICR is free software and can be downloaded at:
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What’s New In MIDICR?

As a command line tool MIDICR supports the following usage.
In a DOS window type midicr -h to get a list of options
In a DOS window type midicr -c to get a list of options
To repair a midi file in a DOS window type
midicr –help
To use a command line argument midi file in a DOS window
midicr –type=midi.file
To get a list of all midi files in the current directory
midicr –dir=dir.name
The current directory will be used if dir.name is not set.
To move a midi file to a new location type
midicr –type=midi.file –file=dir.name
To set the current working directory type
midicr –dir=dir.name
To repair a midi file in a DOS window type
midicr -c -i
where -i means ignore a single error
To repair a midi file in a DOS window type
midicr -c -i
To repair a midi file and save the result to a text file
midicr –type=midi.file –file=dir.name –result=output.file
This command uses the -i option and stores errors into the output file.
To save output to a.log file type
midicr –type=midi.file –file=dir.name –log
To save output to a.log file and move to a DOS window type
midicr –type=midi.file –file=dir.name –log –move
This command uses the -i option and stores errors into a log file. The log file can then be seen in a DOS window.
To allow 0D 0A sequences in midi files that should contain 0D or 0A alone,
-m 0d 0a
To allow 0D 0A sequences in midi files that should contain 0D or 0A alone,
-m 0d 0a
To allow 0D 0A sequences in midi files that should contain 0D or 0A alone,
-m 0d 0a
An overview of the sequences used by this program:
= 0D = 0A = 1F = 1E = 0A = 1B = 1C = 0

System Requirements:

Windows – 10 (1703, 1709 or 1803)
Mac – 10.10 or later
Linux – All Current Stable Versions of Linux
Remember – if you are looking to play or download any of the games on this page, you must be over 13 years old. We can not host the games or redistribute games on our servers if you are under 13. You can always use a proxy or VPN service to get around this.
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