RationalPlan Viewer is a comprehensive and reliable application worth having when you need to open Microsoft Project files, view projects’ evolution into the smallest detail and export them to other formats.
Create plans for budgets, resources, employees, and more
Creating Gantt charts and specialized diagrams allows you to schedule a new project from the beginning, allocate the right resources, create budget plans and set a start and end time. However, there are several people, such as stakeholders who need to view, analyze and inspect these projects’ evolution, without performing any additional changes, and here is where RationalPlan Viewer comes in handy.
Working with this application, you are able to view such charts, resources, assignments and budget plans. In this manner, you can easily view the total costs, the scheduled tasks and required materials.
The left panel, entitled ‘Project Guide’, displays all of the available information you need to view into any project and chart.
Work with calendars, risk assesment, and notes
The Project section contains five categories namely ‘Info’, ‘Notes & Links’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Assumptions and Constraints’ and ‘Risks’. This way, you are able to view the project name, code and scope, allocated budget, estimated start date, personal notes, scheduled events, working hours and risks that might appear during the project’s execution.
By accessing the Planning section you are able to view and analyze the assigned resources for each worker, the total costs for each task, allocated materials and required equipments.
In case you want to view the working hours per day, week or month, the work unit, the currency and date format, you can access the Options window. Additionally, you are able to modify the color for each task, configure the e-mail server settings and add a new storage account such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive.
To sum it up
Considering all of the above, RationalPlan Viewer enables you to easily view Gantt charts and analyze related information about each project such as costs, scheduled tasks and required materials.







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Create Gantt charts for Microsoft Project based on Excel documents
View project documentation, notes, schedules and agreements
Create budgets and update pricing plans
Create Infographics and presentations from Planner PPT and.XLSX files
Export all diagrams, charts and timelines to PDF, PPT, XLSX and XML
Export to PDF, XLSX and XML formats
Access Microsoft Project and Planner documentation
Access project code, name, scope and scope group
Configure project options
View all project calendar (week, day and monthly)
Access tasks, resources and employees
Export Microsoft Project plans and charts to PPT,.XLSX and XML formats
Read and export Microsoft Project charts
Visualize Microsoft Project, Planner, Visio and QTP
View project team members’ social networks
View notes, attachments and photos
Integration with other Office suites and cloud applications
Work with calendar, tasks, resources, and employeesSantee School District

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* View MS Project files (.mpp) from the field
* Vastly improve development, testing and project management processes
* View MS Project files (.mpp) from the field
MS Project Viewer is an MS Project viewer that allows you to work with MS Project files (.mpp) in a comfortable manner, allowing users to view Projects’ information such as tasks and sub-tasks, as well as work units, etc.
It can be used to
– view tasks in MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
The Microsoft Project viewer is a well-known MS Project viewer that allows you to view MS Project files (.mpp) in a comfortable manner, allowing users to view and work with tasks and sub-tasks, as well as work units.
– work with MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– open MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)
– view MS Project files (.mpp)


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– How to Open Microsoft Project
– Easily view, analyze, and export a Microsoft Project plan
– Easily view, analyze, and export to PDF, HTML, and other format.
– Add, change, and view assignees and resources
– Create custom filenames and headers
– Quickly edit columns, add, format and sort data
– View Time Log
– View accepted and rejected tasks
– View risks and assign them to a project
– View all of the accepted and rejected tasks in a tabular view
– Select tasks by clicking on the task name
– View and analyze resource, budget, and time for each task
– Analyze the tasks’ required material, equipment, and budget
– Analyze, view, and export to PDF, HTML, Excel, and other format
– Import and export to microsoft project
– New technologies, such as web accessibility, are supported and available for use

RationalPlan Viewer

RationalPlan Viewer

Version: 3.00

RationalPlan Viewer

* Easy to make plans * Quickly view, analyze, and export plans to PDF, HTML, and other format * Create custom project filenames * Change the project name and project code * Quickly view and edit resources and their associated tasks and expenses * Open the task and edit it using tabs * Create a list of projects in one place * View dates, times, tasks, and resources assigned to the task * Export and send plans to your e-mail * Send plans to your pdf document, or to multiple locations at once * View all tasks and their information in a tabular view * Views and analyze information for each task using customizable filters * View risks and assign them to a project * Add and edit times for resources and the associated tasks * Import and export to microsoft project * Accessibility technology including detailed accessibility instructions are available and supported for use

For any question or request for support, feel free to fill out the support form on our website

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What’s New in the RationalPlan Viewer?

-Project planner
-Open files in MS Project format
-Export file to xml format, Excel, MS Project, Visio, MS Project Schedule
-Let you plan a large budget and complete a planning project in no time
-Views complete project plans, schedules, estimates and more
-Work seamlessly with Visio/Draw/PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio, MS Project Schedule, MS Project Excel, MS Project XML
-Easy-to-use interface
-Powerful tools to view, analyze and extract information in plans
-View and print images
-Schedule new tasks and project with voice
-Calendar to track events and deadlines
-Management of resources, budgets, and time estimates in a single solution
RationalPlan Viewer Screenshots:

RationalPlan Review is a powerful scheduling application that you can use to create Gantt charts for every single project in your organization. In addition, you can visualize as many projects as you wish, including creating, managing and exporting them, all within an intuitive and simple interface.

This application will allow you to create a Gantt chart that best represents the project execution plan, showing the tasks allocated, deadlines and a detailed history of the work.
In addition to a detailed history of all the tasks’ progress, this software allows you to see the status of each task.

You can use the structured windows to create projects, assign resources, managers, budgets and track everything, giving you an opportunity to perform accurate cost projections and estimations, obtaining a greater control over the project’s execution and outcome.

You can use RationalPlan Review to view and analyze costs, deadlines, resources and progress of each task. In addition, you can schedule new tasks, review and edit past projects and create unlimited projects.
If you need to create, view and export MS Project project files, download RationalPlan Review and save time and money.

Additional features:
– Team collaboration: users can collaborate on projects
– Strong graphing tools
– Word and Excel export
– Set resource and budget constraints
– Export to Microsoft Project format
– Export to PDF
– Export to Visio
– View and print icons, diagrams, graphs and drawings
– Multi-user/group support

RationalPlanReview for Windows Professional is a multi-platform Gantt Charts application for Project Management, that allows you to create Gantt charts for every single project in your organization.

System Requirements For RationalPlan Viewer:

Xbox 360 HOME Console.
Playstation 3 HOME Console.
*Click here for more information on connecting the content to your console.
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