The Account System

The platform allows players to identify as male, female, or as a user that does not identify with one of those categories (bob). In addition to ID cards, players can also select up to three titles (nickname) for themselves. When a player uses an ID card or nickname, Roblox can find their unique player ID or record in the database, which is updated on a weekly basis.

Accounts are used to link players between services like the chat system and the game platform. There are four different types of accounts:





Free accounts are normal, or non-premium accounts. They are the most basic accounts and have no internal game access.

Players with a free account may pay for premium services on their own. The Premium service allows game creation and game hosting. Free account holders may pay for premium services at any time.

Players with a free account do not have a title associated with their account. When players with a free account use it for an in-game title, such as ‘Princess’, it will always be returned to the free status in that account. Players with a free account cannot purchase Robux.

Players with free accounts may not take part in “wildcard” games that are created by the system, to prevent free accounts from gaining excess power.

Players with a free account have limited game access. They may not play games, create games, or use their own profiles to participate in tournaments.

Players with a free account cannot receive Robux or premium services while playing.

Players with free accounts may still host games.

Players with free accounts may still play hosted games if they so choose.

Players with free accounts cannot create a free inventory or store.

Players with free accounts may not recruit or hire friends to play with them. However, they can choose to invite anyone to game chat, play with them, and to use their own robux.

Players with free accounts may not have more than 25 friends.

Players with free accounts may only publish photos once per month.

Players with free accounts may not comment on other people’s public chats or robux counts.

Players with free accounts may not use the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ links provided by the platform.

Players with free accounts do not receive Roblox Points, but still


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The latest news is that the Roblox Mobile launch is about to happen soon. The Roblox team says that they’re very close to launch.

The official announcement has been posted. Read it here. You have to log in to your account to view it.

The game is about a young boy who jumps into a ghost ship. The new Mobile website is about “stepping into the game”.

I have a feeling that the Mobile team might be testing some things, like the name, or maybe just the update. After all, everything is not ready for release yet. But we’ll see what


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