after starting out as a hookup app, it’s clear that hornet is looking to turn our generation of dating apps into a sexual revolution. hornet is known for its hours of research into human sexuality and the language used to describe a sexual encounter. as a, the experience is not only sexy but also educational. hornet creates a safe space to discuss common sexual fantasies, and offers users a platform to connect with individuals, whether they want to have sex or not. as of this date, hornet has nearly 150,000 users and is clearly the way to go if you want to connect sexually with like-minded people.

okcupid has a long history, and some of its biggest updates came before tinder hit it big in 2012. its reputation as one of the best apps dates back to the late ’90s, when it was created by mathematician wade roush . the app is still one of the most popular dating apps for millennials, thanks to its quirky but functional design. you only see people’s most recent photo, and they only get to see your photo (often cropped) if you choose to show it to them. ratings and commentary are not important, but you can indicate your proximity (neighborhood, city, etc) in the settings. the app offers tons of features, like the ability to send and receive virtual gifts. the downside: there are often blank profiles and no filter for the “coffee society” (or so the name implies).

tinder still rules the hookup dating world, and for good reason. while it’s not the most polished app, this digital facsimile of a bar is free, easy, and requires no more than a quick swipe to identify if two people are in the same vicinity. two users can initiate a match if both happen to be nearby at the same time. this fast-paced, swipe-to-interact experience is one of the reasons so many people prefer tinder to other dating apps. sure, you can have coffee and chat if you want, but there’s nothing like meeting someone who texts you from a bar and wants to meet up.

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