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Why that I can’t give my standard name to something?

In my Eclipse IDE I have created a new “project” (“create new project…”) which contain all “source” files (I am using “Java project”).
It is a very basic Java project with a main class and some classes.
It is a multiselectable project.
I will never run my Java project in Eclipse IDE, but I would like to give this project a standard (?) name: “Proj1” for example.
When I go to the “Proj1” tab in the project, I don’t find the “Proj1” name (or even “mycompanyname”);
What did I forget to do?


The project name is the element you want to give a name to. You then reference it from the project explorer, which you can find under the “Projects” tab.
Eclipse will automatically rename the project when you rename the project name.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object. on Initializing the gridview

My Code is shown below:
public class Class1

public static List GetLstName()
List lstdata = new List();


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