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So this ended up being a problem with the settings of the server and GoDaddy’s servers.
When you add a server in Internet Explorer, the server that is created uses the default settings provided by Internet Explorer. If you go to Internet Options>Connections>Default Settings, and you find that the server use the proxy server and is listed as “Local Intranet” there is a checkbox for “Automatically detect settings” it may or may not be checked.
Make sure this is not checked, and then test to make sure that you can download. The server should have the “Your proxy server is \home\username” as the proxy server, and you shouldn’t need to use
There are two other options that you may have, and this is where you can turn things like the wget off. The first one is on the page of your proxy service provider (in this case GoDaddy is the proxy service provider), and it’s saying something like, “You may want to set a ~~timeout length~ proxy switch to your local network.” For example, if you go to the page on GoDaddy, and you change the proxy server (Enter your IP address) to “Your local network”, you will have to update it everytime you log into GoDaddy. This is because the proxy server is only on your local network. The second option is to completely turn off the proxy service provider, and then the internet would act as your proxy server. This may not be the best choice, since your internet connection is slow and possibly unreliable.
Finally, when you create the server, you can change the port used to connect to it. It will be listed as on the address bar of your browser.


Do I need to include jQuery in a Phaser / PIXI game?

I’ve been trying to get the to work, and having trouble. I don’t have a computer with a lot of RAM so after trying the boilerplate game that comes with the IDE, I created my own game, which worked. Now that I’m actually coding my own game from scratch, I’m curious if I need to include jQuery in my project?


I would recommend following the examples on the Phaser website, if you’re interested in a game like this. The game’s specific code is

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